Emergency in Palm Oil Workers (Employees), in 2030, They Would be 43 million Workers

Emergency in Palm Oil Workers (Employees), in 2030, They Would be 43 million Workers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Besides the environmental issues, there are some things which the national stakeholders should consider. The more national palm oil plantations areas, the more employees will be.

If the employee issues are not anticipated, it will make new problems in palm oil plantation nationally. Palm oil industries have known and realized the minimal employees but it is not too miserable.


It always happens that a group of employees moved to other palm oil plantion company in the same time or one company wants to have employees by “grabbing” them from other plantation company. These always happen in many palm oil plantation companies in Indonesia. In the cases, employees needed are the professional ones who understand about palm oil plantation.


Of course, having employees by “grabbing” them will not work for a long time. In addition, palm oil plantations keep enlarging in every year. It needs roadmap and design well to have graduated and special human resources in palm oil plantation.


Then, what is actually needed from the employees in palm oil sector? IPOB once predicted the human resources in palm oil sector, including palm oil factory since 2011. The prediction did not calculate the employees to directors, administrations and treasurers.


In 2011, the on farm employees could be 3,8 millions while in palm oil factory could be 59.067 men, by assuming that there are 587 units of palm oil factories.


For the increasing palm oil plantation areas, the on farm employees in 2030 could be 6,3 millions or the additional men are 2.056 thousands than them in 2011.


The increasing employees will be happening in every year and even in 2030, it will be about 2 millions on farm employees. While in palm oil factories, there will be 111.128 men by assuming there are 1.123 POFs.


It is clear, the progress of the employees in palm oil plantation (on farm) and in POF could not be thought as the easy problem. In addition the employee investment in palm oil plantation reaches 25% of the total investment after the fertilizers.


Director of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Agri, Geetha Govindan admitted, the future challenge of national palm oil industries are the stocks of employees. This happens for the plantation work seekers do not have the main options as the way to have career for they thought, it is more interesting to have work in big cities than it in the remote areas.


Beside that, working in the lantation is said to have minimum facilities and entertainment. The other thing is that the image of plantation, the difficulty to get employees may happen for the increasing economy of the local.


It is admitted, the increasing economy in some regions are good to the villagers lives, but in the other side, this conditions are negative to fulfill the employees in plantation sectors. The reason is that the villagers will choose to live in down town than living in the village. “If the people get better economy, it will be difficult to find palm oil harvester, take the fruit and others,” Geetha recently said in Jakarta.(T2)

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