Sekolah Sawit Lestari Takes SMKN 1 Pangkalan Kerinci

Sekolah Sawit Lestari Takes SMKN 1 Pangkalan Kerinci

InfoSAWIT, RIAU – In preparing the next generations as the smallholders to cultivate sustainable palm oil plantation, Asian Agri shared the knowledge to the people of Riau by launching Sekolah Sawit Lestari (SSL) program. It is the fourth in cooperation with SMKN 1 Pangkalan Kerinci.

Sekolah Sawit Lestariis one of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of Asian Agri, that cooperates with educational institutions, from the primary, junior, and senior high schools, and the local government where the company operates. SSL is to share knowledge and increase the skill of the students through the local content to the students and their parents about sustainable palm oil cultivation.

The first SSL in Indonesia was in cooperation with SMAN 11, Batanghari, Jambi in 2016. (Please read InfoSAWIT March2017)

Vice Regent of Pelalawan, Drs. H. Zardewan, MM in his speech told, the initiative is a good and positive sample given by the palm oil company to share the knowledge to the people and develop them. “This is very useful for us, the people of Pelalawan who are mostly smallholders. The plantation would be cultivated by their children,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (19/12/2017).

Head of Sustainability Operation & CSR Asian Agri,  Welly Pardede, said, to realize sustainable palm oil plantation, it should start from the knowledge in school and the people. It is hoped, the students could support their parents to manage the plantation in the best practice. “They would cultivate their parents’ plantation from the good knowledge and ability as it was described in Sekolah Sawit Lestari,” he said.

SMKN 1 Pangkalan Kerinci was chosen for the school could positively influence the district of Pelalawan. Besides the numbers of students, the school has study program focusing on plantation.

The material in Sekolah Sawit Lestari consists of science in theory and practice to cultivate, manage palm oil plantation. The students were directly told to plant, nurse, and harvest optimally.

Headmaster of SMKN 1 Pangkalan Kerinci, Nurasia said, for long, the school only teaches palm oil theoretically. But by the presence of the company that directly cultivates palm oil in the best practice, it is hoped, there would be more comprehensive knowledge and understandable for the students. “We do hope, the program is the same with the government’s program that emphasizes the practical skill for it would be useful for many sides, namely for the students to be the figures who are ready to work after graduating from the school,” Nurasia said. (T2)

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