Hotspots Decreased 89%, The Fire Decreased 95%

Hotspots Decreased 89%, The Fire Decreased 95%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In 2015-2017, the hotspots in the forest and areas significantly decrease. In 2015, there were about 22.000 hotspots, while in 2017 there were about 2.500 or decreasing 89%.

The width of the fire keeps decreasing. In 2015 the fire burned 2,6million hectares, in 2016 it decreased 94% reaching 146 thousand hectares, and in 2017, there were 125 thousand hectares or 15% of the fire in 2016. The fire in 2015–2017 decreased 95%. It means, every side tries the best to prevent the fire in the forest and areas.

For information, Indonesia had the worst fire happening in the same time when El Nino took place. There were 2,6 million hectares burnt into ground and made losses reaching Rp 16,1 billion.  

“Though it is rainy season, but it has something to do to what many sides have done, both the government and the private, to realize the commitment of Indonesia – to maintain the climate change,” Coordinator Secretary in Economy, Darmin Nasution, when making meeting in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (19/12/2017) in Jakarta.

He also said, the production system of more green areas and low haze is the national interest. So preventing the fire should be part of the production system.

“The government and the private sector should transform the economy of natural resource to be green, low haze, and low emission. It is important so that we have good, strong, and sustainable economy,” he said.

In the end, the effort could increase the competition of Indonesia in the international level that demands kinds of products derived from sustainable forest and plantation.

To increase the prevention, Coordinator Ministry in Economy keeps supporting the forestry and palm oil plantation to implement the standard fire prevention by cluster approach and people – base. For example, making Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA), Desa Tangguh Bencana Karhutbunla (Destana), Kelompok Tani Peduli Api (KTPA), dan Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA).(T2)

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