Grand Design of Fire Prevention and Finance Is Arranged

Grand Design of Fire Prevention and Finance Is Arranged

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Coordinator Ministry in Economy in cooperation with Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Ministry of National Development Plan/National Development Plan Agency have arranged the Grand Design to prevent the fire in the forest and areas.

The grand design is focused to the activity and supervision that many side would do, both the government and the private in 2017 to 2019. There are portraits and facts about the fire that happened in the past and the deep analysis about the factor of the fire in lndonesia.

In the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (19/12/2017), the government also prepares some instruments of finance that may support the prevention in the village level. The fund is needed to make easy access to the sources of fund about the climate change.

In the short term, the three ministries together with Ministry of Treasury have made Sustainable Landscape Management Multi Donor Trust Fund (SLM-MDTF). “The facility of fund representation that the World Bank manages would be supported by the grant from Norway and Australia,” Coordinator Secretary in Economy, Darmin Nasution said.

In the meeting, they also discussed and studied how to prevent the fire that many regions did, the business world in forestry and plantation sectors did, and the people did within the help of related ministries, and institutions.

The government did the meeting when there was no fire and haze happened. Even it is now in rainy season, Darmin thought, it is the proof that many sides tried the best to prevent the fire.(T2)


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