PROPER Award Support to Decrease GHG, up to 75 million tons

PROPER Award Support to Decrease GHG, up to 75 million tons

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –As a routine annual event, Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan (PROPER) that Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) did on Monday (18/12/2017) in the office of Vice President, the highest awards were given to the stakeholders who cultivate the environment well.

According to MEF that InfoSAWITgot, the PROPER award got better because there were 19 companies getting gold award, green award were 150 companies (some of them were from palm oil plantation companies) the blue award were 1.486 companies, red award were 130 companies, and black was one company.

Still based on MEF, the work of PROPER 2017 made efficient energy, reaching 230.619.485 GJ, and efficient water reaching 492.087.329 m3.

The increasing PROPER grade also supports the commitment of Indonesia to control the climate change. The data showed, there were increasing green – house gas emission reaching 75.663.410 tons; CO2Eq, liquid waste decreasing 535.490.039 tons; and decreasing conventional emission reaching 135.159.368 tons.

Besides the PROPER also support the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the companies that distributed to the people as the way to advance the social and economy of the people around the companies operate. “The budget to increase the capacity drastically increased from 8% to be 26%,” the Secretary, Siti Nurbaya noted.

The CSR programs that had been distributed to the people also increased from Rp 1,86billion in 2013 to be Rp 7,31 billion in 2017. From the efforts, the total numbers of safe reached Rp. 53,076 billion.

Siti Nurbaya also said, though the companies increased to obey the regulation, it needs to improve the regulation still, increase the human resource, and improve the environment management to be better. “MEF is committed to improve the system and management of PROPER,” she said.(T2)

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