Malaysian Smallholders Association Published Petition against Palm Oil Resolution

Malaysian Smallholders Association Published Petition against Palm Oil Resolution

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR –National Association Smallholders (NASH) joining Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) has proposed the petition against the plan of European Union to ratify the resolution that limits palm oil demand.

“We really support the petition published by  FELDA to reveal the truth about the nutrients in palm oil and the good agricultural practice done by our members when planting palm oil,” President of NASH, Datuk Aliasak Ambia said, as quoted fromNew Straits Times.

“Palm oil industries in Malaysia are tightly regulated and more than 600 thousand smallholders are parts of the significant chain of stock for the economy in Malaysia,” he said.

5,8 million hectares of palm oil areas in Malaysia produce oxygen and contribute to absorb carbon. “40 percent of the areas are cultivated by the smallholders,” he mentioned.

He also described, the parliament and the food producers in European Union are unfair by making label “no palm oil” in their products, as if palm oil were immoral.

He also gave comment on the report that parliament members are ready to ratify the resolution to forbid palm oil import to the Blue Continent.

The fake accusation by claiming that palm oil planting makes massive deforestation may be assumed as the trade competition. “The fake accusation could confuse and decrease the demand. This must influence palm oil price in the international markets,” he said.

What European Union does is a serious issue for the smallholders for Europe influences the source of living of the smallholders in Malaysia. “I just want to say the fact that the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) selling of the smallholder would save some money for their children to get better education,” he said.(T2)

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