Global Businessmen Are Committed to Use Sustainable Palm Oil

Global Businessmen Are Committed to Use Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, NEW YORK –In the recent days, North America Sustainable Palm Oil Network  (NASPON) was officially launched. It is to accelerate the market collaboration. From what InfoSAWIT got, Tuesday (19/12/2017) the mission of NASPON is to educated, develop the moment and help the businessmen in North America to make and commit to produce sustainable palm oil.

" NASPON is made to unite the same thought – organizations to work collectively to get the long term solutionfor the industries to produce certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) for their products,” Chief Executive Officer RSPO, Darrel Webber said.

The founders of NASPON are Ahold Delhaize of Albertsons; Barry Callebaut, Blommer Chocolate Company; Conservation International, Union Control, Dunkin, Fuji, Flavors &International Parfume, IOI Loders Croklaan, Kellogg Company, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCo, Rainforest Alliance and Target.

Vice President of Ahold Delhaize, Hugo Byrnes, said, his side believed, the companies that work together in pre-competitive to develop CSPO in North America would get the goals of NASPON, such as, 100% CSPO in North America. “Decrease the environmental and social risk in the chain of stock of palm oil is the goal to unite us,” he said.

Sustainable Manager, Barry Callebaut Amerika, Laura Roth, said, the company really realized, it is important to produce sustainable palm oil and the company is producing it. “NASPON provides a platform to work together in North America to support sustainable palm oil in the region,” she said.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Dunkin, Anne Fajon, said, Dunkin is committed to use sustainable palm oil. “We are glad to support NASPON and hope that we could collaborate and solve the problems with our partners (industries) to help to increase CSPO,” she said.

Sustainable Director of Kellogg, Amy Braun Senter said, the company is happy to be the founder member of NASPON. The good and various networks would help to lead the responsibility of the companies to fulfill and realize the global commitment to produce sustainable palm oil. “With the others in our chain of stock, we are proactive to get full traceable palm oil production. The partnership is important for there are many challenges to face for one company or organization if the company faces by itself,” Amy said.

The last is Sustainable Agriculture Director, PepsiCo, Rob Meyers, said, his side is committed to provide the food and beverage from the environmental sources and promotes the human rights whole over the world. Meyers also said, in 2015, PepsiCo launched Palm Oil Action plan, and commitment to get 100 percent palm oil seeds from RSPO certificate. “NASPON is the important initiative to help us to fulfill and realize our commitment, increase the certified palm oil usage, and develop the sustainable chain of stock in many regions, such as, Mexico. It is the region where PepsiCo works to develop the sustainable production,” he said.(T2)

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