PT Nagamas Did Cooking oil Bazaar in Dumai

PT Nagamas Did Cooking oil Bazaar in Dumai

InfoSAWIT, DUMAI- PT. Nagamas Palmoil Lestari, the subsidiary of Permata Hijau Gorup (PHS) did cooking oil bazaar for the people around the company in Village of Buluh Kasap, Sub district of Dumai Timur, Wednesday (20/12/17).

The cooking oil bazaar was the second time in 2017. The first one was held heading to Idul Fitri, and thee second was heading to Christmas.

General Manager PT Nagamas Palmoil Lestari, David Siburiansaid, it is the commitment of the company to the people. “The cooking oil bazaar gets increasing. If in the previous, the numbers reached 2.000 liters, now it becomes 2.500 liters for 1.250 coupons," he said when giving his speech, as quoted from Riauterkini.

He hoped, the bazaar could help the people. One liter cooking oil is Rp 8000 while the regular is about Rp 13.000.

“If the woman buy it in the market, it is Rp 13 thousand per liter. But we have two liter – cooking oil, about Rp 24 thousand within the brand Permata. We have it in the markets if the women want to buy,” he said.

Head of Sub district of Dumai Timur, Muhammad Arifin appreciated and thanked the company, PT Nagamas Palmoil Lestari for making cooking oil bazaar to the people around the company.

He said, it has increasing numbers to sell. Of course this is one good sample to be imitated by others operating in Buluh Kasap to help the people. (T3)

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