Sekolah Sawit Lestariin North Sumatera Supports the Best Cultivation

Sekolah Sawit Lestariin North Sumatera Supports the Best Cultivation

InfoSAWIT, SUMATRA UTARA – The partnership between the company and the people in palm oil plantation is strengthen by the launching of Sekolah Sawit Lestari (SSL) Program in District of Labuhan Batu Selatan, North Sumatera Province in the recent days. Cooperating with SMKN 1 Silangkitang, SSL program is the first one in the province.

Vice Regent of Labuhan Batu Selatan, Kholil Jufri Harahap,in his speech said, North Sumatera particularly District of LabuhanBatu Selatan has potential to palm oil plantation within wide areas. “We hope, Sekolah Sawit Lestari could give knowledge and science to the people, namely the young generation to cultivate the areas well,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (22/12/2017).

Sekolah Sawit Lestari is one corporate social responsibility of Asian Agri, a palm oil plantation company, in education, in cooperation with the format educational institution from elementary, junior and high school, and the regional government around the company. It is to increase the students’ and the parents’ knowledge and skill through the local contents about sustainable palm oil cultivation. In the previous, Asian Agri has officially launched 3 SSL in Jambi and 1 SSL in Riau that was inaugurated yesterday.

Through SSL, the students would get knowledge in theory and practice about the cultivation, starting from the preparation, planting, nursing, and the best ways to harvest to maximize the result and also solve the harmful disease.

“SSL Program in North Sumatera is part of commitment of Asian Agri to support sustainable palm oil cultivation nationally. We start to educate the people, namely the young generation to start, know, and understand how to cultivate palm oil well, and have environment perspective,” Head of Sustainability Operation & CSR Asian Agri, Welly Pardede. (T2)

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