Non-Oil and Gas Exports in November 2017 Increased 13%

Non-Oil and Gas Exports in November 2017 Increased 13%

Photo: Humas Kemendag

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The exports in November 2017 reached US$ 15,28 billionor increased 13,2% compared to last year (year on year (yoy). It was the highest exports since 2015.

“The exports were good in November 2017 and the highest monthly exports since January 2015. The better exports were supported by the increasing exports in gas and oil and non-oil and gas,” Secretary of Trade, EnggartiastoLukita said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (22/12/2017) in Jakarta.

He continued, the oil and gas exports increased 15,2% (year on year) to be US$ 1,27 billion; andnon-oil and gas exports increased 13,0% (yoy) to be USD 14,01 billion.

He also mentioned, in cumulative, the exports in January-November 2017 reached US$ 153,90billion, or increasedreaching 17,2% compared to the same period in 2016. The increasing exports happened for the increasing mining sector that reached 34,4% (yoy); oil and gas sector reaching 19,9%; industry sector reaching 14,3%; andagriculture sector reaching 11,4%.

Some non-oil and gas products having significant sector were, iron (HS 72) increased 76,1%; pulp (HS 47) increased 55,8%; fuel (HS 27) increased 46,1%; and rubber and goods from rubber (HS 40) increased 41,8%.

The exports to some other countries in January -November 2017 were good too. The non-oil and gas exports to China increased 44,5% andthe volume increased 11,3%; India increased 41,6% and the volume increased 3,9%; and Malaysia increased 20,3% and the volume increased 19,6%. (T2)

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