NIFOR Might Fail to Develop Palm Oil in Africa

NIFOR Might Fail to Develop Palm Oil in Africa

InfoSAWIT, AFRIKA – Nigeria Palm oil Research (NIFOR) would be one institution to develop palm oil and other palm in the country, including the research to increase palm oil product and production and others. The result of the research could be transferred to the smallholders.

It is reasonable to do that. Nigeria has imported palm oil reaching more than US$ 3,2 billion in the last ten years. NIFOR may be fail to fulfill its mandate for it could not support the smallholders’ production.

There is no official statement about how Nigeria could return to its status as the biggest palm oil producer in the world and the institution always waits for the annual subversion from Abuja. There is no innovation.

As quoted fromThe Nation, there is a will to review the work and the target in NIFOR so that the institution could fulfill its mandate. But it has no record about the individual or private organizations that enlarge palm oil areas in the last ten years in Nigeria. The head-quarter is in Benin City and there is record too about palm oil areas in Edo State.

The weird is that, still based onThe Nation, in every election to be the manager in NIFOR, it was selective to compete. Then how the institution could fulfill the mandate if there is no record or database about palm oil in the country? “The federal government should urge and review the operational of NIFOR,” The Nation recently noted. (T2)

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