Area Conflict, The Smallholders Deal with PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk

Area Conflict, The Smallholders Deal with PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk

InfoSAWIT, SULBAR –Based on the next trial within the agenda, reading the interlocutor from the Judge, the court started at 4 p.m WITA on last Thursday (14/12). The smallholders who are in charged to steal the fresh fruit bunch of the company, PT Mamuang, were accompanied by the lawyer when attending the court.

In the court, the Judge sentenced to reject the exception from the defendants and would directly review Block 11 that become the object of the case.

The exception read by the lawyer of the smallholders claimed, the charge told by prosecutor was unreasonable, sudden, null and void. The reasons were: the first, the 42 hectare area belongs to the villagers based on the area certificate, SKPT, and others. But the compay claimed it as its rights as in the Business License.

The second, the fresh fruit bunch that the smallholders harvested was theirs that they planted in their own areas. The third, the charge of crime could not be continued for the areas are in conflict (a quo). So the court should solve the case by civil court. The fourth, the location of the smallholders where they were accused to steal was not the authority of the Court of Pasangkayu, West Sulawesi.

The arrest of 4 smallholders of Polanto Jaya is a crime that the company does to the smallholders. The criminalization is the way of the company to weaken the position of the people who struggle for their rights.

Executive Campaign Manager, Wahana Lingkungan Hidup(WALHI)Central Sulawesi, Stevandi said, what the villagers of Polanto Jaya did to defend their rights has been running since 2004. “At the time, PT. Mamuang, the subsidiary ofPT Astra Agro Lestari (AALI) Tbk and supported by Police Department of West Sulawesi randomly cut off the people’s trees,” he said, as quoted from (T2)

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