The Area License Holders in Batam Are Evaluated

The Area License Holders in Batam Are Evaluated

InfoSAWIT, BATAM – Head of BP Batam, Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo,said, his side realized, the land is the important issue and the main asset in Batam.

Now, he continued, there are limited areas which have not been allocated while in the field, there are lots of abandoned areas but the investors do not cultivate them yet.

“We would continue the program of the previous leader for the abandoned areas. We would call those who have the areas. We make the agreement and the business plans. If they do not cultivate the areas, we would revoke the license,” he said in the ‘silaturahmi’ ceremony in the end of the year with the leaders of BP Batam and the media, Thursday (28/12/2017) night in the hall of BP Batam.

Eight of the license holders have been revoked. In the era of Lukita, they are evaluated. But they have come to BP Batam.

“The eight have come to us. They confess to invest. They have prepared the business plans. We are waiting for the realization. But if they do not cultivate yet, we must revoke the license. They have some time to realize it,” he said.(T2)

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