Jusuf Kalla Complimented ‘Palm Oil Embassador’

Jusuf Kalla Complimented ‘Palm Oil Embassador’

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –For tens of years, working, experiencing in global and national palm oil sector, Derom Bangun wrote his experience, and his lives in a book. The book, ‘Memoar Duta Besar Sawit Indonesia’was launched seven years ago on 27 September 2010 in Balai Kartini, South Jakarta.

Based on what InfoSAWITrecently traced, there is something interesting in the book. Jusuf Kalla, the Vice President of Indonesia wrote in the book that he knows Derom Bangun for such a long time - when he was the Secretary of Trade. At the time, he told Derom Bangun to get the solution that palm oil export from Indonesia was disturbed by diesel import. So the government of Netherland temporarily stopped the CPO import from Indonesia. “I chose Derom for he vocilized many things in many meetings and he understands the detail about palm oil. I believed, he is good at it,” Kalla said.

Jusuf Kalla also thought, the book described the journey of Derom Bangun in three sectors. The first, he is the stakeholder; the second, his experience in world and national palm oil industries; and the third, his ideas to advance palm oil industries nationally.

“It is not a biography only but also it is the experience of someone who is really consistent and focus in one sector. This book could be as our teacher – we could know how palm oil industries develop in Indonesia,” Kalla said.

In the opening writings of the book, Derom Bangun told that his friends urged him to write the book. He also wanted to share his unique and long experiences in palm oil industries. But, he continued, to make it not bored, there are some writings which are serious but easy to understand.

“But just like memoar, I also wrote the story of my family and children. It could be said, the book is part of my life journey,” Derom said.

The term ‘Mister Sawit Indonesia’ is fixed to Derom Bangun. Of course, the term refers to his activities and contribution to the progress of palm oil industries in Indonesia.

The former General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Achmad Mangga Barani confessed his ability and capability to do diplomacy to defend palm oil interests in Indonesia. So it is worthy to say Derom Bangun asDuta Besar Keliling Kelapa Sawit.(T1)

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