Exports from Indonesia in 2018 Should Increase 7%

Exports from Indonesia in 2018 Should Increase 7%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Referring to Ministry of Trade, the exports from Indonesia in 2017 surpassed the target. The exports in 2017 were projected to be about US$ 170,3 billion, orincreased US$ 145,2 billioncompared to last year (2016).

The numbers derived from oil and gas reaching US$ 15,50 billionand non-oil and gas reaching US$ 154,80 billion. Non-oil and gas exports in January -December 2017 (YoY) increased 17,20% and it would be the highest ones since 2012.

Meanwhile the export in 2018 would be increasing 5%-7%by increasing the exports, besides in the traditional countries, such as, China, Japan, United States of America, and Europe.The ministry also did penetration to the non-traditional countries.

Based on the official information that InfoSAWIT got, Thursday, (4/1/2018), Ministry of Trade seriously tried to increase the trade in Africa, such as, in South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt. One thing that had been done was the trade mission. While in Latin America, Ministry of Trade made trade relationship with Chile by making Indonesia – Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC CEPA) and trade mission.

In the trade mission in Africa and Latin America, Ministry of Trade had successfully made the total transaction reaching US$ 3,6 billion. While the32ndTrade Expo Indonesia(TEI) in October 2017 within the new spot successfully got the transaction reaching USD 1,41 billion. The numbers increased 37,36% compared to the 31stTEI. In 2017 the 32ndTEI was successfully held with the new look which was the synergy with the private sectors, without using the National Budget. The 2017 TEI also succeeded to get 27.711 visitors from 117 countries, orincreased 78% compared to last year event within the total visitors reaching 15.567 men. (T2)

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