In 2018, The Plantation Commodity Price Would be better

In 2018, The Plantation Commodity Price Would be better

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  -In 2018 there are some better price of some commodities. Analyst of Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef), Bhima Yudhistira, thought, the global commodity price would be better in this year. For example, crude oil and coal. The crude oil could even be more than US$ 80 per barrel.

It happens for the increasing demand of energy from China and United States of America. The recovery of manufacture industries in the two countries would need stock of energy in lots of numbers.

Meanwhile in the supply, the geopolitic tension in Middle East and the uncertain cut of oil production done by OPEC would make the price more expensive.

The global commodity that would have increasing price the most is the energy commodity, such as, crude oil, coal, palm oil, and rubber. There is even optimism that the commodity price in 2018 would be the same like it was in 2011. “The global commodity price would be better in 2018. It seems, 2018 would be commodity boom,” he said as InfoSAWITquoted from Investor Daily, last week.

Analyst of PT Danareksa, Lucky Bayu Purnomo, said, besides the increasing commodity price prediction, in 2018, the plantation sector would have the same too.

Days before, the plantation commodity price in 2017 was not too good because the crude oil in 2017 had no change or it was at US$ 50 per barrel. “This forced, the plantation sector was avoided. But in the future, the plantation sector would be noticed by the markets that makes better price. At least, it starts from the second semester in this year. It would be,” he said. (T2)

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