Claiming Palm Oil Plantation, Two Groups of People are in Conflict

Claiming Palm Oil Plantation, Two Groups of People are in Conflict

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI –For the last four months, the group of people led by Rasto Cs, of Village of Bungku, Sub district of Bajubang, District of Batanghari, has mastered a 1.264 hectare palm oil area.

The other group of people joining in Kelompok 11 Rumpun claimed it too by saying, they have the Decision of Regent of Batanghari, No. 180 / 2014. So Chairman ofRumpun Jumut Lilit Serat, Samsul Anuar, urged the regional government of Batanghari to solve the case immediately.

“We urged, the regional government strictly solves the case. In the Decision of Regent No. 180 / 2014,there is no name Rasto, at all,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from,last Tuesday.

The trigger of the conflict is that Rasto and his friends have founded a cabin in the middle of the palm oil areas which are parts of the Decision of Regent.

Rasto himself claimed not to leave the areas for he has the proof. “I have stayed here for a very long time. I really do understand this area. Perhaps, I don’t meet the angels only. I myself was not invited in the meeting,” he said.

He also thought, the Decision of Regent No. 180 / 2014 is fake. He would leave the areas if there is decision from the Regional government about his group. “I am sick of this issue. From 2011 until now, it never ends,” he said.(T2)

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