Barter Sukhoi and Palm Oil Waits for Ministry of Defense

Barter Sukhoi and Palm Oil Waits for Ministry of Defense

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  -Days before, there was billateral discussion between Indonesia and Russia about buying 11 Sukoi Su-35 within the proportional trade mechanism. Half of the price would be in barter by the plantation results.

General Director of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade, Oke Nurwan said, Indonesia still waits for the barter agreement between commodity and the plane.

“The point is that we are still waiting for the proportional trade.  The contractshould have been signed. So it is in Ministry of Defense,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted fromMedanBisnisin Jakarta, Thursday (4/1/2018).

For information, 11 Sukhoi reached about US$ 1,14 billion. Half of the numbers would be in barter with the commodities from Indonesia, such as, rubber, palm oil or crude palm oil, cocoa, coffee, textile, tea, and spices.

Until now, the realization of the barter still waits for the agreement. It is said, Indonesia has prepared the commodity to do barter.

“Yes, still waiting for the contract. If it is signed, we would immediately do. (The coordination)  it is decided in the ministry. I could not mention it,” Oke said. (T2)

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