Expand the Export in 2018, Ministry of Trade Multiplies the Trade Mission and Cooperation

Expand the Export in 2018, Ministry of Trade Multiplies the Trade Mission and Cooperation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Based on the official information that InfoSAWIT got on Thursday, (4/1/2018), Ministry of Trade seriously tries to increase the trade in Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt. One thing to do was by making trade mission. In Latin America, Ministry of Trade did it through Chile by making Indonesia Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC CEPA) and trade mission.

The international trade meeting in 2016 had some achievements. The four regional discussions were ASEAN-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement (FTA), ASEAN-Hong Kong Investment Agreement, Protocol of Agreement Change of ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership(AJCEP), and Amendment ProtocolASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement(ACIA).

In the billateral perspective, the meeting that had been done were Indonesia-Chile CEPA, and trade agreement between Indonesia-Palestine. Indonesia-Chile CEPA erased the incoming tax to Chile to be 0% for 7.669 tariff posts in Chile. The numbers cover 94,5% of the export value of Indonesia to Chile in 2016. Chile also decreases the tariff up to 50% to 199 other products from Indonesia.

Indonesia and Palestinealso signed the memorandum of understanding about the 0% incoming tax for both countries. It is for Palestine’s date palm and olive oil. On the other hand, Palestine would give the product lists to import from Indonesia within 0% incoming tax.

Still based on Ministry of Trade, Indonesia would continue six meetings in 2018. They are Indonesia-Australia CEPA, Indonesia-European Free Trade Association FTA, Indonesia-European Union CEPA, Indonesia-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership(RCEP), and Indonesia-Malaysia Border Trade Agreement(BTA).

Indonesia would accomplish the review aboutIndonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, Indonesia-Pakistan PTA, ASEAN Economic Society , ASEAN-Australia-New ZealandFTA, and ASEAN-India FTA in 2018. This year too, Indonesia would start to make Trade in Goods(TIG) with Turkey.

There are some PTAs that have been starting, such as, with Nigeria  Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In this year too, there is Indonesia-Eurasia CEPA that has been running. Still in this year, some billateral meetings and one regional meeting are being initiatied. The billateral meetings are TIG with Peru; PTA with Kenya (East African Community/EAC), Mozambik, South Afrika (South Africa Custom Union/SACU), and Macoko; and CEPA with Culf Cooperation Council(GCC). The regional meeting is ASEAN-Canada FTA. (T2)

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