The Smallholders Get Loss because of the Broken Way

The Smallholders Get Loss because of the Broken Way

InfoSAWIT, KAMPAR KIRI —The hard rain lately makes some parts of the way in Riau Province really broken. The main way that connects jalan Lipat Kain, the capital of Sub district of Kampar Kiri, District of Kampar, to eight villages in the region was really bad. The people complained because of more expensive daily needs while the harvest of the smallholders’ palm oil is difficult to sell.

It may happen because the middle men – who bought the smallholders’ harvest – get losses too for the only way to the villages is so muddy, and hardly could not be passed through.

If the truck can pass the broken way, it would spend much money to pull it. It is not equal to the selling of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) that the factory made discount for the rotten FFB.

A figure of Village of Tanjung Mas, who is also a middle man, Agus Riyanto, as quoted from, last Friday said, 100 palm oil trucks belonging to the smallholders were stucked in the muddy way. They were mostly there for four to seven days.

If one truck transported 4 tons of FFB, he continued, there would be 400 tons stucked in the trucks. If the FFB could be transported, the factory might have discount, at least 50% because of the rotten fruit.

It means, of 100 trucks, it is predicted, 200 tons of FFB were so bad and could not be sold.  The smallholders’ FFB is not calculated yet for it is not harvested because there was no middlemen buying theirs.

“My modal was Rp 6 million, but the factory paid meRp 3 million per truck. I got loss, at least, Rp 6 millionfrom two trucks for it was in the muddy way,” he said in Village of Tanjung Mas, Kampar Kiri. (T2)

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