Kaur Legislators Would Inspect Palm Oil Areas

Kaur Legislators Would Inspect Palm Oil Areas

InfoSAWIT, KAUR – PT.Ciptamas Bumi Selaras (CBS) is assumed to plant palm oil trees more than the regulation near the river. Chairman of Kaur Legislators,Deni Setiawanwould inspect the location.

He said, his side wants to see and inspect the location to ensure the people’s report. He also suggested the people, the head of villages, non-government organization to send official letter if there is weird to what the people needs. He made sure to follow up the people’s complaint. “I would inspect and see the location,” he said, Sunday (7/1/2018), as quoted from

Days before, there was a report that palm oil  trees were planted near the river while the regulation to plant near the river should not be 50 to 100 meters from the sides of the river.

Head of Village of Suku Tiga, Sub district of Nasal, Jawub complained the small water because of the palm oil trees. He and the other villagers confessed that they were difficult to plant paddy and decreased the economical value of the farmers. The paddy field that counted on the irrigation, should depend on the rain. (T2)

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