Mission 25:25 Target of Palm oil Production by Sime Darby in 2025

Mission 25:25 Target of Palm oil Production by Sime Darby in 2025

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR –Kenanga Research resported, palm oil plantation company, Sime Darby Plantaton Bhd that its head quarter in Malaysia, is the integrated one from the upstream to the downstream sectors.

When crude palm oil (CPO) price globally decreased, the company was not significantly influenced. It was positive to the company for the cheaper palm oil for the downstream industries. It is predictted, the CPO price of the company would decrease about 6% to 10% to be RM 2.417 – RM 2.569 per ton, knowing that the company is recovering the whole production.

Sime Darby, still based on the report, has published the policy in “Mission 25:25 which means, the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production should be 25 tons per hectare per year and the yield should be about 25 percent and would be realized in 2025 within the notes, the production runs positively, enlarging about 6% in every year based on the prediction of CPO production.

“We target, the project should be accomplished within the estimatioon of FFB production reaching 24,5 tons per hectare and the yield reaching 24,8% in 2025 by planting the high productive seeds and implementing the technology,” Sime Darby noted as InfoSAWITquoted from The Sun Daily, Monday (1/1/2018).

Still based on the report of Kenanga Research, it is noted, the cash of Sime Darby Plantation would be around RM 1,65 billion and in 2018/2019 it would be about RM 1,7 billion. The share of Sime Darby was closed to be RM 6 per sharelast week within 18,3 million shares. (T2)

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