CSF Should Actually for the Planters

CSF Should Actually for the Planters

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Independent smallholders joining oin Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS)appreciated the breakthrough that the government does by making Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

The presence of PFMA, of course, is the hope for the smallholders to develop the people’s areas. The smallholders are the subjects to independency and to have better lives in Indonesia. We all do hope, the government is committed that PFMA could connect the future of palm oil plantation in Indonesia, that is, the people’s plantation.


SPSK thought, for about the last 2 years, PFMA just concerns about biodiesel industries while the smallholders do not get the influence from PFMA. For example, the report of SPSK “MengembalikanMarwah BPDP – KS: Koreksiatas 2 TahunKinerja BPDP – KS”, noted some points to the future of PFMA.


For example, about the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price – in some meetings PFMA told that the institution couldinterfere the FFB price produced by the smallholders. But until now, there is no evidence that PFMA interfere the FFB Price. It is stable. “The FFB price is always in fluctuation. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is not. The smallholders worried about the promise of PFMA – to stabilize the price,” SPKS noted in the report.


PFMA also thought, giving biodiesel subsidy for biodiesel industries would prevent over supply because of the new domestic markets. SPKS noted, to prevent over supply, it is no need to make new domestic market but should intervene the upstream sector by stopping palm oil plantation expansion.


The report also discussed the technical issue, such as, the citation should actually be used to develop palm oil plantation, including the people’s plantation. But the facts showed, 81% of the citation is for the mandatory subsidy for biodiesel.


Chapter 93 paragraph (4), Laws No. 39/2014 limitatively noted, the usage of the citation from the stakeholders that derives not from the Country Budget and Regional Budget is for five things. But the implementation from the regulation is not realized by making additional goal from Chapter 93 paragraph (4), Laws No. 39/2014.


In Chapter 9 paragraph (2) Government’s Regulation No. 24/2015, the addition on the fund usage from the plantation business which does not derive from the Budget both regional and central is arranged and chapter 9 paragraph 2 is, the fund usage for the interest as it is in  paragraph  (1) is to: a. Plantation development; and b. fulfill the plantation result to food needs, biofuel, and plantation downstream industries.


It is clear that the content in Chapter 9 paragraph (2), namely letter b, Government’s Regulation No. 24/2015  which sounds,  “The fulfillment of plantation result to food needs, biofuel, and plantation downstream industries” multiplies the content in the previous in Chapter 93 paragraph (4) Laws No.  39/2014.  “Could it be said as ‘against the law’? Government’s Regulation No. 24/2015 adds something that Laws No. 39/2014 does not regulate,” SPKS noted.(T2)

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