Indonesia Makes and Increases the Trade in South Asia

Indonesia Makes and Increases the Trade in South Asia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTAIndonesia is committed to make and increase the trade cooperation with the non – traditional countries in South Asia, such as, Sri Langka, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Secretary of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita also accompanied President Joko Widodo in his visit to South Asia on 24-28 January 2018 to realize more trade expansion.

“It is a priority to increase the trade cooperation between Indonesia and non traditional countries in South Asia because it was not maximally done. It is hoped too, it would expand and diversify the export markets from Indonesia to compete with the countries in the region,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday,(31/1).

So Indonesia would start doing trade negotiation with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. While with Pakistan, both countries agreed to increase the Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) to be Trade in Goods (TIG).

In the cooperation with Sri Lanka, there were many points to do between both countries, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Both countries agreed to start making joint feasibility study (JFS) to be the base of negotiation for both countries. “The two countries also makeWorking Group on Trade and Investment (WGTI) to discuss trade issues in the field. Besides both countries agreed to run the regional cooperation in cloth sector to advantage the Generalized Scheme of Preference Plus (GSP+) Sri Lanka in European Union,” Secretary said.

With Pakistan, he continued, the cooperation is in trade. The cooperation with Pakistan gets better after the review improvement of PTA Indonesia-Pakistan and the negotiation agreement in wider scope, that is, TIG.

“Indonesia-Pakistan agreed to negotiate every post which was agreed in PTA 2013 by TIG. The tariff post negotiated in PTA 2013 reached 313 tariff posts for Pakistan and 232 tariff posts for Indonesia. The first negotiation would be in April 2018,” General Director of International Trade Negotiation, who is also the Chairman of Negotiator of Indonesia, Iman Pambagyo said.

With Bangladesh, Secretary of Trade, Enggar and Secetary of Trade, Bangladesh, Tofail Ahmed signed Joint Ministerial Statement on the Launching of the Negotiations for Indonesia-Bangladesh PTA. It is the start to negotiation process in PTA between the two countries.

"For years, Indonesia just relied on some main products to Bangladesh. But by the PTA, it is hoped, there would be product diversification and increasing exports knowing that Bangladesh is a big country having 160 million men. The first PTA Indonesia-Bangladesh negotiation would be in the midst of this year,” Enggar said.

With India, Indonesia would discuss the completion of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Summit as the follow up from RCEP Summit in November 2017. “As the coordinator of RCEP and on behalf of Economic Minister in ASEAN, we would meet the Secretary of Trade and Industry, India, Suresh Prabhu to get the commitment to solve the 2018 RCEP Summit,” Enggar said. (T2)

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