Palm Oil Sustainable Practice Becomes the Sample in the World

Palm Oil Sustainable Practice Becomes the Sample in the World

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The singer “Burung Gereja”, Agustinus Gusti Nugroho or famously known as Nugie astonished when knowing that palm oil has kinds of derivative products, starting from, cooking oil, food, cosmetic, and renewable energy. It is undeniable,, the international world really depends of palm oil very much.

Imagin, the man who born in 1971 said, when getting up to sleep again, palm oil always attaches with the human regular activity. These are the evidence that the product of Africa is really precious.

But Nugie felt sorry for the unevironmental process. The precious plant that God provides to the people of Indonesia could contribute much to the conservation itself. “ We are in Indonesia and we should conserve the nature here,” he said.

The unenvironmental practices, he continued, realized him to go forward and to contribute more to the green conservation by vocalizing the usage of sustainable palm oil.

He thought, the commodity which becomes the biggest exchange provider in this country should be managed well by the government. Don’t let some profits sacrifice the nature. In additon, Indonesia has become the biggest palm oil producer in the world and should give sample to the international world. (T3)

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