The Environment Actor in GAR

The Environment Actor in GAR

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (GAR) strengthens its commitment to implement sustainable palm oil cultivation. It is proved that in the last five years, GAR has cooperate with the environmental campaigners, such as, The Forest Trust (TFT) to make and run the Forest ConservationPolicy (FCP).

In the period, it could be said that GAR had beter progress to fulfill its commitment. The company persits to take the people and together to conserve the environment and it gives additional value for the sustainable practices.

Not only that, to strengthen the sustainable successful commitment of GAR, the company also takes a man who keeps fighting for the enlargement without damaging the environment. He is Agus Purnomo.

After not working as the Special Staff of President SBY and becomes the Daily Chairman of Climate Change National Board or Dewan Nasional Perubahan Iklim (DNPI), Agus Purnomo who is familiar as Pongky decided to join GAR last one year. It is one big palm oil plantation company in Indonesia.

The environment Actor of GAR of course would empower the previous commitment that the company runs. In his new position as the Managing Director untuk Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement, Pongky should make sure that every program in GAR runs well.

It is hoped, it could realize zero deforestation. Every thing is possible. This might be the good words to GAR and Ponky that collaborates to realize sustainable palm oil. “Protecting the high conservation value and high carbon stock in the forst are his ambition to realize zero defoestation.

“And would involve the people to implement the aspec principle,” he said in the offical statement to InfoSAWIT.(T3)

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