Palm Oil Diplomacy of the President

Palm Oil Diplomacy of the President

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The unsual style from the leaders in this country could be seen from President JokoWidodo. If the previous president always performed like a king, President JokoWidodo is in simple style. He is the President of the people when being with them.

His work is incredible. Every day, there are some news in the media exposing his daily activity, starting from leading a meeting up to sudden inspection to the direct location. These are some of leadership activity.

Where there is a problem the country should be there. He said to the media. President Jokowi had directly saw the fire in the forest and areas for several time in Kalimantan and Sumatera.

After seeing the location, he directly did diplomacy. The President instructed his ministries to solve the fire. But whatever he did, it did not solve the issue yet.

Some things and breakthrough were done from the conclusion told by US peat expert to extinguish the fire, that is, by artificial rain. Coordinator Secretary of Politic, Legal, and Human Rights, LuhutPanjaitan also emphasized the same.

Those were some activities of President JokoWidodo in the last few months. He was busy because of some person that might intentionally burn the forest and areas. The forest and areas were burned and the smoke does not vanish yet, but palm oil trees have been planted. It is an interesting phenomenon.

In the last several months, President JokoWidodo should actually do palm oil diplomacy. It started how to solve the smoke, then met Prime Minister of Malaysia, PM Najib Razak to cooperate with the palm oil producer countries, and also met the USA Former President, Barrack Obama to cooperate in developing biofuel for plane.

It might happen that the President’s activity would be stronger signal that he supports palm oil development in the future. He had done many things, starting from the industry up to derivative industries, such as, biofuel. But forest and area restoration that were in flame would be the big job to do in the future. 

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