Indonesia’s CPO Production Reached 38 Million tons in 2017

Indonesia’s CPO Production Reached 38 Million tons in 2017

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), palm oil plantation industries had good progress in 2017.

Crude palm oil (CPO) production in 2017 reached 38,17 million tonsand palm kernel oil (PKO) reached 3,05 million tonsso the total production reached about 41,98 million tons. The numbers increased 18% compared to the same production in 2016, reaching 35,57 million tonsthat consist of CPO reaching32,52 million tonsand PKO reaching3,05 million tons. “The stock itself by the end of 2017 in Indonesia reached 4,02 million tons,” General Secretary of IPOA, Togar Sitanggang said in the press conference that InfoSAWIT attended, Tuesday, (30/1/2018).

Still based on IPOA from many sources, such as, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Central Bureau of Statistic, IPOA, APROBI, GIMNI, APOLIN, AIMMI, and PFMA, CPO and derivative exports from Indonesia (not include biodiesel and oleo-chemical) in 2017 significantly increased, reaching 23% or from 25,11 million tonsin 2016 to be 31,05 million tonsin 2017.

The exchange from palm oil also increased as same as the increasing export and the better price. In 2017, the exports reached US$ 22,97 billion or increased 26% compared to it in 2016 that reached US$ 18,22 billion. It was the highest in the history of export from Indonesia. (T2)

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