PRB Targets 1,4 million hectares to Peat Restoration in Forestry and Palm Oil Plantation Concession Areas

PRB Targets 1,4 million hectares to Peat Restoration in Forestry and Palm Oil Plantation Concession Areas

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Head of Peat Restoration Board (PRB), Nazir Foead, said, the peat restoration is not only to water the peat and re-plant to improve and repair the broken ecosystem, but it is also to empower the lives of the people living around the peat.

In the Strategic Plan of PRB 2016-2020,it is mentioned, the protection and the cultivation of peat ecosystem have something to with the economy, social, and the most important thing is ecology to get.

The target of peat restoration in the forest and palm oil plantation concession areas would be 1,4 million hectares. It is comprehensively and inclusively done. It means, the activity involves every side. It is not only to water but to make the people as the front men to manage the peat wisely and prevent the fire in the peat as soon as possible.

According to PRB, in 2017, the institution facilitated to develop the infrastructures to water the peat, such as, well, block channel, and hoarding channel in six provinces, they were, Jambi, Riau, South Sumatera, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, andSouth Kalimantan. The wetting of the peat reached about 200 thousand hectares that consist of, 103.476 hectaresas the impact of infrastructure wetting done by PRB and 98.978 hectaresfromthe wetting done by the partners. Fromthe width, more than 60 percent – or about 62.126 hectares – were in Central Kalimantan. The wells that PRB constructed were 5.900 units, the block channel developed together with the people and university reached 1.849 units, and110 channel spots were permanently piled up. By the midst of December 2017, PRB had restoredabout one million hectares covering every aspect – the technical, social, and economy.

Deputy of Education, Socialization, Participation, and Partnership, PRB, Myrna A. Safitri said, PRB in 2017 had also facilitated 75 villages in 7 provinces of the peat restoration targets. The villages were in Riau (11), Jambi (10), South Sumatera (15), West Kalimantan (16), Central Kalimantan (10), South Kalimantan (10), Papua (3). “Total width of the villages were 1.180.441 hectaresand the peat where the people cultivated reached about 878.326 hectares. Fromthe width, 267.111 hectareswere the target to be restored. “PRB runs the Desa Peduli Gambut program and the people should be the first shield to maintain the peat ecosystem,” she recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Besides PRB has prepared the guidance of peat supervison in the concession areas. PRB has no objection to what Ministry of Environment and Forestry has done for leading the concession holders to solve the recovery plans. In 2018 PRB would run the supervision to the companies to restore the peat.(T2)

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