Sustainable Palm Oil is the New Norm

Sustainable Palm Oil is the New Norm

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – If certified crude palm oil (CSPO) that has been produced since 2008 is famously known by the world society, the mission of RSPO to make CSPO as the new norm would be close enough to the word, ‘successful’ because the international markets have made CSPO – within the trademark RSPO – as one condition in the trade business.

Chairperson RSPO, Biswaranjan Sen, said, the princiles and criteria in RSPO are the parts of sustainable palm oil business. He thought, developing palm oil business from the upstream to downstream could be sustainable. “The sustainable business would be the same with the social and environmental conservation,” he said some time ago.

Though there have been many results, CSPO still has big issues, such as, logistic. The logistic keeps being the big polemic in the international markets for the pile tank usage process and the CPO transportation ship could be mixed with non CSPO.

He also mentioned, the people, planet, and profit are important factors in sustainable palm oil business for they would be the same with the future business. Sustainable palm oil would be the big power in the international trade in the future. (Read: Double Advantages of the Smallholders’ Productivity - InfoSAWIT November 2014).

The Executive in Unilever also emphasized, his company is highly committed to absorb CSPO usage up to 100% in 2020. As the new leader in RSPO since 2014, he did hope that the members should be active to support RSPO to be sustainable.

It could happen that CSPO becomes the new norm in the palm oil trade globally. But the abundant CSPO production is still the homework for the other members to participate in absorbing and using it.(T1)

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