The Track of Local Stakeholders (Part 1)

The Track of Local Stakeholders (Part 1)

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –When palm oil plantation industries develop fast nationally, some local modal owners do not want to be left behind. Some of them would turn to be the stakeholders in big scale.

Itmay happen that palm oil businessmen are dominated by rich men nationally. It is true to say that. But it happened ten years ago.

It is different now because regional modal owners do not want to be left behind to get benefits from palm oil plantation industries.

It is proved that many local modal owners have hundreds hectares of landbank and develop their modern companies profesionally

If this happens, local businessmen should not be underestimated for they are as same as palm oil stakeholders nationally which run the business in the first place. Not only that, there comes local businessmen as the motivator to run their local economy.

Based on what InfoSAWIT has traced, there are some palm oil companies founded and pioneered by local youngmen. Let us say, Haji Abdul Rasyid. A man from Central Kalimantan founded PT Citra Borneo Indah. The company has become advanced palm oil plantation company to compete.

PT Citra Borneo Indah has its relationship with Abdul Rasyid who was the former of Legislator from the region (1992 – 1997).

Rasyid was famously known as the wood businessman in his region. Many of his friends thought, he could not survive or even found palm oil company within thousands of hectares.

In the end of 2013, through its subindustry, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana had joined Indonesian Stock Exchange and offically became the public company.(T2)


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