Palm Oil Biomass: The Source of Environmental Energy

Palm Oil Biomass: The Source of Environmental Energy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –It is urgent to use renewable source of energy because it is believed to be more environmental and having more sustainable stock compared to the source of energy in fossil – base.

Actually there are kinds of material to get environmental energy and it is supported by renewable resources technology that keeps developing, for example, energy that derives from palm oil biomass.

In a research, palm oil biomass is not maximally advantaged though its numbers are abundant from palm oil plantations.

If the source of this energy could be advantaged maximally, the supply of renewable energy would be more and more. This would be the same goal with sustainable production that wants to use the resource effectively from material extraction to use economical energy and increase the quality of environment.

For example, by minimizing the usage of fossil material or even better, not use it anymore. The book published by Springer and written by Lee Keat Teong, a profesesor of University of Science, Malaysia and the student of doctoral program of Universitay of Science, Malaysia, Cynthia Ofori-Boateng, told in detail about energy in palm oil biomass – base, including the additional value from other palm oil biomass products.

From what InfoSAWIT traced, the book consists of 8 (eight) chapters and discusses about technology, stock, production, environmental test, production, thermodynamic, and policy in biomass energy.(T2)


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