palm oil replanting program reaching 4.446 hectares (ha) in South Sumatera province is the start that palm oil plantation fund management agency (PFMA) supports. it would be continued in the other center of palm oil plantation, such as, north Sumatera, jambi, and riau. it is hoped, the people could increase the productivity.

In the Friday night, the stars were hiding in the dark sky because of the thick cloud that might be rain. In the morning, the rain fell. Though it was raining, the guest wanted to attend the replanting program for the people at the time.

It took 3 hours from Palembang to the event in Village of Panca Tunggal, Sub district of Sungai Lilin, District of Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera Province.

In the rain drops, the guests should go at night for the event would be done in the morning. Of course it should be the same with the schedule of President Joko Widodo.

The rain that fell in the morning made the location muddy, particularly in the area of the event, in the middle of people’s palm oil areas.

Though the rain slowly poured, the people excitedly wanted to see President Joko Widodo stepped in their palm oil areas, to see the real face of his that the people only see from the TV.

At 10 a.m., the President attended in the middle of the location. In his speech, the President told, the replanting program should be done for the small productivity in Indonesia. Based on the potential, Indonesia could produce eight tons per hectare per year.

“In District of Musi Banyuasin, 4.446 hectares of the old trees would have replanting program. The government pays the costs. The seeds would be given, corn seeds, and others would be given too,” the President told in his speech.

Not only that, President Jokowi also discussed about the area conflicts. He urged, National Land Agency (NLA) should solve the issues.

Days before, NLA targeted to publish the people’s area certificate about 1,26 million sections. Unfortunately last year, there were 400 thousand sections only to publish.. So President Joko Widodo made target to boost the work of NLA. For example, in 2017, NLA should publish 5 million sections of the area cerficates. The next, there should be 7 million sections and 9 million sections. “The area certificate is the area border that is needed to have. If there is no area certificate, there would be conflict. I  . . .


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