Legal certainty about One Map Policy

Legal certainty about One Map Policy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Last year, President JokoWidodo published President’s Regulation No. 9 / 2016 about the Acceleration to Publish One Map Policy within scale 1:50.000. The policy is to support the government’s programs through the economy packet, namely to simplify the permit and to realize the right management of natural resources. It is understandable that the regulation – One Map Policy – is published to solve the information issues in geospatial that is not sync among the government and other stakeholders.

Through One Map Policy, it is hoped, there will be reference to manage the natural resources and the law enforcement. The facts showed, to get the business license namely in the natural resources, there should be kinds of license that everything should put a map in the license (starting from the spatial from the province/disctrict, location of license, plantation license, environment license, production forest release license. In brief, every license should have its own map. But sometimes it may happen, the map is not matched and this makes hard to get law enforcement for every map would be different one to another that many instances publish.

In the perspective to increase the investment as part of economy packet that President JokoWidodo launched, the government is trying to simplify the license process. The source of the license issue, namely in the natural resource is about the map which should be united with the license. For the mismatch of the map published by each instance and stakeholder, the investment would not be strong. On the other hand, the ego of each stakeholder is to defend their own map guidance. So when the issue takes place about the business license, it would be potential to debate and make many interpretations that would not be uncertain to invest.

Legal certainty about the map is not strong enough for many instances publish indicative map. It may mean, the map is temporarily correct until it is proved. The indicative map in every instance may have scale 1:250.000. So President JokoWidodo through the President’s Regulation No. 9 / 2016 makes the accuracy at scale 1:50.000 for it is more detail. But the indicative map economically would decrease the investment for it is indicative still, and could be changeable. But it is the base to give or reject a license.(Written by Dr. Rio Christiawan,S.H.,M.Hum.,M.Kn/ Environment Legal Observer)


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