The Smallholders Claimed CSF

The Smallholders Claimed CSF

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The smallholders joining in Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS)thought, the crude palm oil supporting fund (CSF) that has been running since in the midst of 2015 is not correct.

In the recent official statement to InfoSAWIT, SPKS together with the smallholders in Indonesia claimed some things about the Presidential Regulation No. 24 / 2015, such as, the first is to inform the President JokoWidodo that Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) that the President had published through Presidential Regulation is ‘misdirection’ for the people of Indonesia in the plantation that might be about 5 million men.

The second is the government should revise the Presidential Regulation No. PP 24/2015 so that it would return to Laws No. 39 / 2014 about Plantation; the third isshould warn, namely PFMA to change the lead, direction, plan, and regulation and should have more attention to the palm oil situation, namely the people’s.

The fourth is to warn the government, namely the related ministries that become the supervision and steering committee in PFMA to empower the people’s plantation and should not take sides to the big plantation and biodiesel industries.

The fifth is to support many plantation agencies and the districts that produce palm oil to struggle for fairness in profit sharing that might not give profits to the districts.

“To tell the regional representative board, namely, Regional Legislators, Indonesian Legislators to evaluate the policy and the implementation of PFMA,” SPKS noted.

Not only that, SPKS also asked for the Corruption Eradication Commission and Audit Board to cooperate with PFMA to prevent the corruption.

“The most important thing in the claim is that to say that Article 9 paragraph (2) and everything in Presidential Regulation No. 24 /  2015 has no legality and it is not for public; and to legally claim that everything in the regulation based on Chapter 9 paragraph (2) and everything in the regulation is illegal and it is not for public,” SPKS said.(T2)


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