PFMA Selected 600 Proposals of Research

PFMA Selected 600 Proposals of Research

InfoSAWIT,  BANDUNG –In 2016, Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency had run the first Pekan Riset Sawitand exposed 46 results of researches, such as, fiber helm filler, bioplastic made of empty bunch, technology packet of laminate board using palm oil stalk, anionic surfactant from palm oil to increase the crude oil production in the old field, and palm oil application in smartphone and others.

In 2015-2016, PFMA claimed had agreed 71 proposals or more less 12% to be funded. “In 2017 the palm oil research roadmap had been arranged. The fund to give would be more selective, that is, by deciding the prior researches that PFMA would fund,” Director of PFMA,  Dono Boestami said in Bandung, Tuesday (13/2/2018).

He also said, Pekan Risetshould be the way for the researchers in Indonesia and the stakeholders so that the results could be useful for the industries and the people.

“The research and development that PFMA runs cover environment, food, cultivation, oleo-chemical/biomaterial, post harvest, cultivation, bio-energy, social-economy, and market development sectors,” he said.(T2)


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