Food Industries Love Palm Oil

Food Industries Love Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Besides having much potential in the agronomy and social to help the people’s economy, the facts showed that crude palm oil (CPO) and the derivatives are loved by the food producers in the world. It is no question that every food industry both in Europe and United States of America mostly use palm oil as the ingredients or the additional material.

The expert in food technology in United Kingdom (UK), Kurt E Berger, in an interview withtheoilpalm. Org., said, , thoughtoleic acid insunflower is tasteful in the food rather than palm oil, but the both kinds of the oil have the same goodness for they are tasteful.

But if using palm oil, the storage of a product would be longer after it (the food) is packaged compared to it using other kinds of vegetable oil. “This is the reason, why food industries in the world mostly use palm oil as the material. Besides it is cheap,” Kurt said.

In the food technology, palm oil has semi – solid viscosity at the ambient temperature. It is has 35 celcius degree melting point. In general, kinds of vegetable oil in the temperature would be liquid. “It happens because 50% of the material in palm oil are saturated acids and in general, it has palmitic and stearic,” Kurt who learned palm oil for food since 1950, said.

Palm oil is also important as the mixture to make pastry because when making pastry, it needs wheat flour, fat oil, and sugar. Each component would give specific taste and the facts showed, in making pastry, liquid oil would be mixed in lots of numbers. It is only fulfilled by hydrogenated from palm oil and palm stearin.

In each process of making pastry, there would be aerated structure. It would make bubble within the slight and glutinous layer. It happens for the protein component in the wheat flour gets stronger when it burns.

Making cake (pastry) and biscuit, it should avoid the crust part for the cake should be tasteful, soft, and easilty to eat. “Liquid oil that could avoid the crust part (in the cake) could be from palm oil,” he who is also a researcher in London Research Laboratory belonging to the biggest company in United Kingdom, said.

Besides it is good as the mixture to make cake, palm oil, as a matter of fact, is mostly used in frying process. The olein in palm oil is the best thing to be used. In addition, it could be used for many times. The anti-oxidants in palm oil could be as the toxic neutralizer when frying process. “These are the reasons why industries, such as, instant noodles, doughnuts, frozen fried foods, and snacks, such as, potato crisps, use palm oil,” he said. (T2)


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