Alain Rival: Palm Oil Has Kinds of Superiority

Alain Rival: Palm Oil Has Kinds of Superiority

InfoSAWIT, JAKARAT - Coordinator for Oil Palm Research, Cirad, Montpellier-France, Prof Alain Rival noted, palm oil has kinds of superiority. For example, from the oil factor, palm oil is more productive 10 times than other kinds of vegetable oil.

It is faster to adapt within the cultivation of other kinds of vegetable oil. It could grow not by using chemical ingredients, such as, pesticide. From the biomass perspective, based on his researches, palm oil tree has much photosyntesynthesis capacity and could produce much biomass.

In the agronomy sides, it could be used as the model to conquer poverty but in certain conditions so that the model could be applied to palm oil industries. “We heard lots of successful stories of the people cultivating palm oil,” he said.

Until now, he continued, many people are helped and have better level of economy by getting better income. But there are few mis-cooperation between the stakeholders and the people and the people could not increase their income.

It should be improved to know that the cooperation uses Main – Plasma scheme, agroindustrial or independent smallholders’ scheme. He thought, it needs to map in the first place, and explain to the stakeholders to increase the regional economy. “If everything is done well, palm oil would really help the people,” Alain said. (T2)


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