To Know the History of Plantation in Indonesia

To Know the History of Plantation in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Interesting. It is the word when reading the preface of the book “182 Tahun Perkebunan di Indonesia  (1830-2012)”, that was written by Iman Budhi Santono, a litterateur, and humanist of Yogyakarta. In the philosophy of Javanese, the most ‘honest’ creature in the world is plantation. For it is important, the plantation could be as the name of a village. The plantation could be meant as the power, patience, honesty, and loyalty.

The facts showed, kinds of plantation in Indonesia have become saviors of the nation. The plantations have developed the plantation industries in this country.

The commodity industries make Indonesia as the agrarian countries that the world counts on. Kinds of commodity in Indonesia have been developed since the 18th century. The plantation sector has been one pillar of national economy. Indonesia has become the champion of kinds of commodity, such as, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and others.

The book written by Renville Siagian, a plantation practitioner, describes the abundant natural resources in Indonesia namely from kinds of commodity that grow still. The  book also explains the history of commodity in this country.

Supported by accurate data and strictly description, the book is good to read and it tells about the history of plantation since the Pre- Cultuurstelsel (1800 an), Cultuurstelsel (1830-1870), colonial, Japan, ‘Orde Baru’, and reformation era. (T2)


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