Know and Calculate the Needs of Palm oil Seeds

Know and Calculate the Needs of Palm oil Seeds

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Before planting palm oil, it needs to know the calculation of seeds and the nursery before the they are planted. This is to realize palm oil planting.

The stakeholders might know well how to calculate the sprout per one hectare. But it is better for the farmers to understand the calculation of the sprout needed to plant palm oil.

The calculation depends on the seeds because there are superior seeds which can be planted for more than 170 trees per hectare. For one example, PT SEM takes the standard Seed Per Hectare (SPH); 143 trees per hectare.


To get 143 seeds – after passing the culling process in prenursery and the alternative – the calculation is: in the culling, there should be 2,5% more than the SPH; 10% should be more too when the sprouts in the prenursery; 15% should be also more when being in the main seeding and 5% for the alternatives.


The calculation is 100/97,5 x 100/90 x 100/85 x 100/95 and the result is 1,40. This number is multiplied by the number of the density. If the density is about 143 per hectare with the minimum distance about 9 m, 143 should be multiplied 1,43 and the number to be ordered should reach 200 sprouts.


This calculation assumes, there are 200 sprout. In main nursery, there will be 170 sprout. In the next phase, there will be 143 sprout to be planted.(T2)


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