The Way to Enlarge Plantation and Palm Oil Factory

The Way to Enlarge Plantation and Palm Oil Factory

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -The booming of palm oil plantation in this last decade has urged people to run this business. Much money to make from the selling of the fruits is one reason to do the business. Sometimes, people – without having knowledge – want to run it.

Of course, managing and cultivating  palm oil trees are not easy to do. There will be bad luck, the lost and even the selling of area if there is no less knowledge. That is why it needs good plans.

Quoting from military expert from ancient Chinese, Sun Tzu, in his book The Art of War, the plans have the important understandings and so are in planting palm oil. The plans become the basics so that the business could be successful and get the good results and also money.


The book, written by Maruli Pardamean, “Mengelola Kebun dan Pabrik Kelapa Sawit Secara Profesional” can be the starting informations about managing plantation and palm oil factory.


In addition this book gives many things about the financial plans to develop palm oil, and financial plans to build palm oil factory. This book, of course, becomes one reference for palm oil businessmen who are new to run it or them who want to expand theirs. Please try to buy it!!


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