The Smallholders: We Have Better Income

The Smallholders: We Have Better Income

InfoSAWIT, TanjungToba –At the time, the Chief of Tanjung Toba Village, Hamida said, after palm oil plantation was here, the villagers got monthly income.  “The average villagers income is about Rp 1,2 millions. If they fully work in the company, they may get Rp 1,5 millions and more,” Hamida recently explained in Tanjung Toba.

The villagers of Tanjung Toba thought that the presence of palm oil had changed the people’s economy who lived near river Pawan, West Kalimantan. It was normal that there was no more jobless in the village. Most of villagers of Tanjung Toba work in palm oil plantation belonging to Untukjaya Agro Group and the plantation belonging to Sinar Mas Group.

The average income of palm oil farmers in Simpang Tiga Village is just about Rp 1,8 million per plot/month. If one villager has 2 plots or about 4 hectares, their income will be  Rp 3,6 millions per month.

Their village looks different now. There was no vehicle but now most of the houses have at least 1 motor in their houses.

Palm oil plantation together with plasma farmers and the people around really changes the isolated area to be an open one so the growth of the economy in the village becomes more prosperous to whole villagers. (T2)


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