Asian Agri Supports the Optimal Palm Oil Production within the Right Tech

Asian Agri Supports the Optimal Palm Oil Production within the Right Tech

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –To increase the palm oil production optimally and sustainably was described by Asian Agri in a national seminar within the theme, ‘Kiat Sukses Replanting dan Meningkatkan Produktivitas Kelapa Sawit secara Berkelanjutan’ in Jakarta, Thursday (22/2/2018).

The event where many stakeholders attended at, Head of Agronomy Department, Asian Agri R&D Centre Bahilang, Sumatera Utara, Abdul Aziz shared his knowledge about the right fertilization technic to realize the potential of palm oil production.

The high demands to processed products derived from palm oil, both from the domestic and foreign countries, should be positively responded by the business world. It is seen from the palm oil export demands from Indonesia in 2017 that increased 23 percents reaching 31,07million tons from the previous year that reached about  25,11 million tons only.

Having wide areas and the within the principles not to enlarge new planting, the national stakeholders are urged to increase the productivity in the available areas. It is based on the reality that the width of area is always opposite to the production result that could be categorized to be minimal.

“To optimize the palm oil production, the answer could be intensification on the issue,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also explained some important things in the intensification program that Asian Agri has done, including the choice of superior seeds, kinds, and effective fertilization application. “The quality and consistency in the fertilization become the important factors to increase the production because they could provide the material of nutrients that the plantation needs of,” Azis said. (T2)


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