35 Companies and 15 Cukong Break the UU P3H, Cut the Forest in Riau

35 Companies and 15 Cukong Break the UU P3H, Cut the Forest in Riau
InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Jaringan Kerja Penyelamat Hutan Riau  (Jikalahari) reported, 38 companies and 15 personal modals or cukong that cut the forest in 2017 are not executed yet by the law officers. They are predicted to break the Undang-undang Pencegahan dan Pemberantasan Pengrusakan Hutan (UUP3H) for having no license.
Jikalahari told the report (investigation) on Friday (2/3), in the event called Solusi Penyelesaian Kasus Kejahatan Kawasan Hutan in Tjikini Lima, Jakarta, as quoted from Kompas.
From their investigation, it was revealed too that 3 companies got the result of the illegal logging.
53 cases have been reported by doing audience to Komisi Kepolisian Nasional on 30 January 2018. But when it was re-checked on 19 February 2018, there was no action at all.
Jikalahari also reported the case to Ministry of Environment and Forestry on 9 January 2018. But the report was only in waiting list.
In 2016 Jikalahari reported 145 forest crime to the law officers. Of the numbers, only one case was sentenced by the court while the rests were stopped in the investigation.
The legal issue in forest should be immediately noticed. The data from Corruption Eradication Commission, palm oil companies having no license have made loss for the country about Rp 30 billion per year while the income to the country was reaching Rp 9 billion per year.
Meanwhile only 154 of 513 palm oil companie have the license and only 105 have Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak. The issue is that the companies having no license cultivate about 1,8 million hectares.
There are many modal owners having more than 1.000 hectares. “In general, they have law officers, businessmen, politicians, legislators, the local people running the business. The information and the way to cultivate the areas they do are with the politicians and the local figure,” Campaign and Advocacy Staff, Jikalahari, Okto Yugo Setyo said. (T2)

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