7 SEZs Should Operate including Palm Oil

7 SEZs Should Operate including Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To support the industrial development, the government in 2018 targets that the 7 Special Economic Zones could perfectly operate.

Deputy in Deputy in Infrastructure Extension and Regional Developmentor Percepatan Infrastruktur  dan Pengembangan Wilayah, Wahyu Utomo said, the government keeps supporting that the 7 SEZs could be completely operating in 2018, including Maloy to develop palm oil downstream industry. “To make it operate, SEZ should complete the infrastructure, human resources, and the administration control software,” he said as InfoSAWIT quoated from the official page of Public Relation of East Kalimantan Province recently.

He also said, the completeness covers the procurement, the land issue, the way, electricity, clean water, and waste system. Besides there should be waste management system, fire extinguisher, and administration office and security system in the area (SEZ). “If every criteria has been fulfilled, the operational of SEZ could be officially inaugurated,” he said.

Seven zones that would be operated in 2018 are SEZ Arun Lhokseumawe, SEZ Galang Batang, SEZ Tanjung Kelayang, SEZ Maloy Batuta Trans Kalimantan, SEZ Bitung, SEZ Tanjung Api-api, andSEZ Morotai. (T2)


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