Director of Goodhope Emphasized to Implement Sustainable Palm Oil

Director of Goodhope Emphasized to Implement Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, Jakarta – Palm oil plantation companies that are managed by Grup Goodhope emphasized its commitment on Sustainability Policy that the companies would do in the future. The sustainability Policy is important to do for it is part of the commitment of the companies to the public since 2017.

For information, Grup Goodhope or Group ofAgro Harapan Lestari is the group of plantation companies that consist of 13 subsidiaries completed by 5 palm oil factories, crushing kernel factory, and bulking station. Most of the subsidiaries are in Central Kalimantan Province and operate palm oil plantation.

PT Agro Indomas, PT Agro Bukit, and PT Agro Wana Lestari are the subsidiaries of GrupGoodhope that run palm oil plantation and are in Central Kalimantan Province. Their operational is responsibly, environmentally, and economically done.

Director of Goodhope, Edi Suhardi said, the operational of the companies managed by Grup Goodhope is committed to Sustainability Policy since 2017. So the palm oil plantation companies always responsibly operate.

“No forest damage, no peat, no exploitation are the commitments of the company when operating,” Edi Suhardi emphasized. (T1)


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