Palm oil Workshop: 5 General Area Cases in Palm Oil

Palm oil Workshop: 5 General Area Cases in Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR –Palm oil is one important commodity as the source of the biggest exchange in to the country in the non-oil and gas sector. Unfortunately palm oil keeps facing many problems from the upstream to downstream sector. The problems are about regulation, spatial, overlapping areas, competition with the other kinds of vegetable oil, and environmental issues.

The problems were discussed in Palm oil Workshop 2018 that Ikatan Keluarga Alumni Fakultas Pertanian (IKA Faperta) Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)did within the theme, “Sustainable Smart Plantation”and done in IPB International Convention Center(IICC), Wednesday (14/3/2018)

The workshop took the expert speakers in their field and discussed about the issues, including the license, and environment.

One speaker was from Departemen Ilmu Tanah Dan Sumberdaya Lahan,Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Budi Mulyanto. He discussed about palm oil plantation license.

Budi Mulyanto said, in general the palm oil plantation case happens because, one, the area is not completely got; the second, the condition to legalize the area was not complete.

The third, the agreement and the execution were not done well; the fourth, the overlapping license case (between Mining and Plantation License, et cetera); and the fifth, the perception of plantation business concentrated to the land. Budi continued, the license conflict would not take place if such issues could be solved in the first place. (T2)


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