PT. Tunas Sawa Erma Plans to Manage Sustainable Landscape in Boven Digoel

PT. Tunas Sawa Erma Plans to Manage Sustainable Landscape in Boven Digoel

InfoSAWIT, TANAH MERAH –Social Management, Environmental Management, and Economic Management are the main sustainable principles to anticipate the negative influences to the conservation, environmental service, the people’s social and culture, and the climate change which of course would be useful for the now and the future.

The landscape in Boven Digoel consists of more than 80% of sustainable overlay, forestry, river, swamp, mountain, and lived by traditional people. The people really depend on the landscape. This makes the development should implement circumspection principles.

PT.Tunas Sawa Erma (KORINDO GROUP) as one palm oil plantation investor in Boven Digoel is committed to implement the Sustainable Landscape Plan and Development. To implement it, every side (the government, the people, and NGO) should involve, respect the decision, option, suggestion, agreement, open, give and get information, focus to the landscape (not only concession areas) as the environmental and social supports and implement the circumspection principle to manage the landscape.

USAID throughProgram LESTARI is also committed to take many sides  (the government, the people, the private sector, and NGO) to get the same consideration to plan the sustainable landscape, namely in District of Boven Digoel and in Papua Province in general.

The multi-side meeting discuss the Implementation of Sustainable Landscape Plan and Development of PT. Tunas Sawa Erma in Boven Digoel and was done on 28 February – 1 March 2018. This was a discussion process of the sides  (the government, the people, the private and NGO) to realize the sustainable development in District of Boven Digoel, Papua Province by prioritizing the social, environmental, and economy management in Boven Digoel version.

In his statement, Regent of Boven Digoel represented by his Vice Chairman, H.Chairul Anwar,ST.,said the sustainable landscape cultivation approach becomes the condition to develop District of Boven Digoel.

"The circumspection principles become the notices for every sector, namely the investor, the people, and the government so that the important norm and value in the people would remain still, the conservation and the environment should be conserved, so that the economy could increase,” Chairul said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (13/3/2018). (T2)


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