Realize Sustainable Palm Oil Cultivation through One to One Partnership

Realize Sustainable Palm Oil Cultivation through One to One Partnership

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Asian Agri told in Palm Oil National Workshop that it is important to realize sustainable development. It was told in Palm Oil National Workshop within the theme, ‘Sustainable Smart Plantation’in Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)International Convention Center, Bogor , Thursday (14/3/2018).

To the stakeholders in palm oil industries, including the policy makers, academics, stakeholders, banks, students, Director of Corporate Affair, Fadhil Hasan said, the development of the company to the smallholders is one main key to realize sustainable palm oil development nationally.

“As the heroes of exchange to the country, the smallholders who cultivate about 38% of 12 million hectares of the total palm oil areas in Indonesia have the important roles to fulfill the domestic needs and export demands by producing about 31% of the production in 2017. “It is very potential to increase the smallholders’ production if it is cultivated well,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Some factors, such as, the minimal knowledge, and the ability to implement sustainable practice; the access to get facility, such as, transportation; and material, such as, seeds and fertilizers, becomes the main challenges for them to increase the quality of their plantation.

“The partnership program of the company to the smallholders is needed to develop them in realizing the challenges, implementing the best practices to cultivate theirs sustainably and increasing their welfare,” he said.

He also mentioned, Asian Agri is serious to develop them through One to One Partnership that would realize to cultivate their areas within the whole width same with Asian Agri’s areas, reaching 100.000 hectares in 2018.

The company now develops the plasma smallholders who cultivate 60.000 hectares and the independent smallholders cultivating 31.000 hectares. “By One to One Partnership, Asian Agri tries to share the success through the partnership with the plasma smallholders to get more independent ones to realize sustainable cultivation and welfare the smallholders nationally,” he said.(T2)


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