Palm Oil Would be in Promotion in New Zealand and Taiwan

Palm Oil Would be in Promotion in New Zealand and Taiwan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Ministry of Trade would expand the trade to non-traditional countries in Pacific and East Asia through the trade mission to New Zealand and Taiwan. It would be done on 16–19 March 2018 as same as the Visit of President Joko Widodo. While the trade mission to Taiwan would be done on 22–25 March 2018 in series of Indonesian Week exhibition. It is the way to increase sustainable exports.

“The trade mission of the Ministry would penetrate to Pacific and East Asia. It is the instruction of President Joko Widodo in the meeting of Ministry of Trade 2018, that is, to increase the exports. To follow up the mandate, Ministry of Trade tries to penetrate the countries so that the increasing export targets, reaching 11% could be realized,” General Director of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade,  Arlinda said in Jakarta (14/3).

In the mission to New Zealand, the ministry takes business delegations that consist of 23 stakeholders from 16 companies. They are from furniture, food and drink, agro product, coffee, palm oil and its derivative, paper and writing tools, energy, skillful worker service.

The bilateral trade trend between Indonesia to New Zealand in the five years (2012–2016) decreased 3,69%. But the work drastically increase in 2018 compared to it in 2017 to be US$ 1,19 billion.

“To increase the exports to New Zealand, the trade mission takes the stakeholders and businessmen that produce products that were positive in the last five years, such as, in coal, process cocoa products, wood, dessicated coconut, and papepr,” Arlinda said.

It is in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington, and Australia and New Zealand Committee, and Indonesian Chambers. Series of activity in the trade mission would be business forum, one on one business matching, and the visit to big importer companies in New Zealand. “The business delegataion would meet the potential buyers in New Zealand. It is hoped, the businessmen and stakeholders could make international business work with the buyers,” Arlinda said.

After New Zealand, the next mission would be in Taiwan on 22–25 March 2018. Ministry of Trade is ready to realize the export through the synergy with other instition. The ministry would be in synergy with Kantor Dagang dan Ekonomi Indonesia (KDEI) in Taipei to runIndonesian Week 2018 in Taiwan World Trade Center, the biggest trade center in the country.

In 2017, the economy in Taiwan was unpredictably developed reaching 2,6%. One thing that mobilized it was the trade sector through export and import. Import in Taiwan in 2017 significantly increased 12,58%. The increasing imported products were food and drink, furniture, agro products, palm oil and its derivative, and handy crafts.

On the other hand, the total trade between Indonesia and Taiwan in 2017 reached US$ 7,47 billion, increased 14,2% compared to it in the previous year. Surplus for Indonesia increased 25,65% compared to it in 2016 within the exports from Indonesia to Taiwan reached US$ 4,22 billion. The non – oil and gas products from Indonesia to Taiwan, were coal, tin, triplex, copper, rubber, paper product, cuttlefish, and squid.

“For Indonesia is capable and the big demands from Taiwan, it needs to diversify our export products. Food and drink, fishery, furniture, agriculture, palm oil and its derivative, and also handy craft should have more roles in Taiwan markets,” Arlinda said.

In nowadays global trade dynamic, Indonesia keeps trying to increase the export through many strategies. One of them is by trade mission and according to Arlinda, it is to bridge the synergy between the government and the private to develop and increase exports.(T2)


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